Special: Martin Scorsese’s Silence Interview

In conjunction with ‘Fuller Studios’, we have the pleasure of bringing you a special interview with Hollywood legend and director of the new film ‘Silence’ Martin Scorsese. This 30 minute sit down will give you a deeper insight into the inner working of the movie and the inspiration behind it all. We would recommend going to see this film for yourself but don’t go alone, see it with a friend or a group of friends, stew over the film deeper than taking it at surface level.


If you’re not into a slow, reflective film with challenging themes, beautiful cinematography and great performances, Silence is definitely not for you. But if you wish to be challenged, to reflect on your faith in Christ and to learn a little bit about what Christians had to endure in Japan to keep the faith, then this is your cup of tea – a bittersweet tea, mind you.


“My whole life has been movies and religion, that’s all, nothing else” Martin Scorsese. If there is any movie that invites theological dialogue surely it’s Scorses’s new film ‘Silence’.

The full interview is available on our Catch-up on demand service  now

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