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Thanks for taking the time to watch ‘Be That Woman’. Currently, a series called ‘Be That’ is in development. Using the ‘Be That Woman’ pilot series as a platform, we are continuing to explore how we make this an engaging topic-based discussion. We want to design a program that will be helpful to you, and be an avenue to open up intentional life conversations.

At this stage, our plan is to craft each episode to unpack a thoughtfully selected topic from our platforms Be That Woman, Be That Marriage, Be That Family and Be That Man. These topics and episodes are created to stretch our thinking in areas that can so often can hold us back. Our aim is to engage viewers to start these conversations in your own spheres of life and bring freedom through these topics.

Unfortunately, our survey is now closed. However, we would love to hear your thoughts on these pilot episodes and what you would love to see as we continue to develop the series. Send us an email by clicking on the link below and tell us what you think. 

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