If you would like someone to pray with or need a chat, a caring conversation is just a phone call away.

Careline team members can provide a direct referral service to 24-hour crisis support services, counselling, family and relationship support, other community services as well as information about local churches.

Careline is not a direct ACCTV service but is a volunteer organisation that supports Christian Media to assist their audiences when they need someone to talk too.

It is important to know; this is not a qualified counselling service.

Christian volunteers are trained to provide a listening ear, hope, encouragement and prayer support for all callers across Australia.

Dial 1800 122 288 to speak to a volunteer today.



Susan was phoning up to thank Careline for praying for her and to say that our prayer was answered.”

Sarah has suffered terribly in her life and says Careline has made a huge difference – there’s been answered prayer, her faith has been restored, and she’s felt less alone after talking to volunteers. She really appreciates the significant time that volunteers will give when she’s needed to talk.”

Rosalie rang from Mt Gambier to tell us her beautiful story of Salvation. Rosalie was a drug addict and in the darkness of her life reached out to God and discovered our beautiful Lord. She is off the drugs for good and is to be baptised this Easter Sunday (the day of the Resurrection of Jesus). It was wonderful talking to her and hearing about her beautiful story of her Salvation. She wanted to thank everyone on the Careline.”

Pauline rang Careline to get prayer for her son Jason. Pauline felt really comforted. Jason has now given up marijuana saying it is making him sick. This has been an ongoing issue for the family. Praise and thanks to our Lord!”

Thomas wanted to say thanks to everyone for all the help and encouragement he has received from the Careline over the past couple of years.”

Loren thanks us for praying for her husband to find a new job which he now has and Praises God for it!”


For more information about the Careline head to their website here.

*All names have been changed to ensure anonymity